I’m Wendy.

I’m about as run-of-the-mill as the next person and I’ve grown to completely cool with that. I have a wife, a toddler and a baby on the way. We live in a suburb of the Twin Cities. And, yes, it’s cold here and, sure, it’s where the Mall of America is. Close enough.

I’ve been in the HR field for over 10 years. The first four years and 363 days were with a temp agency, where I was a recruitment and placement machine. I wasn’t looking for a recruiting job and most definitely not an HR job, so I’m still not sure how that happened. Perhaps mutual desperation.

I was feeling tapped out, so between nowhere to grow and a giant culture shift that just wasn’t a good fit for me, I found greener pastures and an incredible fit at a Minnesota based financial services organization. I was hired as a recruiter/specialist, moved to a recruiter/generalist and then the HR Assistant Manager.

After that, I dabbled in straight up Employee Relations in a gigantic healthcare system, but it didn’t take long to realize I am not cut out for anything in healthcare. Peoples lives are at stake and I wasn’t capable of turning that off when I went home or finding the right self care methods to help me deal with it.

My current role, as Director of Human Resources, is one I wouldn’t have ever found if it weren’t for a good friend bringing it forward to me. About 28 times. Sometimes opportunity knocks (and knocks and knocks and knocks) and you realize you should probably answer it before it kicks down the door and wrecks your whole house.

I love HR. I love people. I love engagement and culture and pride. I love leadership and development and creating those partnerships that make people and organizations successful. I love brains and ideas as much as I love hearts and feelings. I just love it all. And that’s why I’m here.