I’m not considering myself an old dog right now because I do enjoy new tricks. Except SnapChat. I just don’t get it, you guys. And the filters freak out my toddler. That’s my caveat to this post.

I consume a lot of social media. It’s my screen time – Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, blogs, etc. It fits my attention span of “hey, squirrel!” and I can pick it up and put it down when life needs my attention. I love it. I feel informed on what I want to be informed and learn more long the way. It works for me.

Here’s what doesn’t work for me: videos. I know they’re an up and coming trend, so I might have to get out my bifocals and succumb to the pressure. I get that. And I will.

I want to watch your video because you clearly have something of great value to share. I can see from the comments that people are getting a lot out of what they’ve heard! And I’m jelly. It feels awkward watching a video midway through the day at work or trying to keep the volume down low enough to not disturb my sleeping wife/toddler/infant, so I don’t. Here’s my idea:

Subtitles and/or a transcript of your video.

I know. It’s probably extra work. Someone had to type up everything. But once they do, I think your volume of exposure is going to increase. I really do.

With actual text, people can accurately quote you more to the masses. They can forward the link to your video knowing that there are multiple ways people can receive your message. We’re constantly seeing studies that people learn and retain in all different ways. And overall, now what you’re saying just became so much more accessible to so many more people.

I bookmark your videos and intend to watch them. In case I’m not able to grab the time to watch them, please consider this my apology for not watching it. I promise it’s not personal.

Photo by Peter Lewicki