I don’t really know where it went and it definitely didn’t include this blog. It included a lot of other things. Some were amazing and some were heartbreaking. Others were annoying things that turned into blessings and there were some that were surprising and things I’d never even dreamed of happening. Overall, I’ll happily wave goodbye to 2018 when it steps out of the way and look forward to whatever it is 2019’s going to bring my way.

2018 started out welcoming our (almost one year old!) son, Ellis. Thumbs up emoji on that one. We introduced him to my family in Missouri in February and saw my grandma healthy for the last time. I returned to work after a six week paid leave, but never really felt like I could get back into the right place in my head when HR/my career was concerned. That’s just the best way I can describe it.

In March, my life got interesting. I turned 40 and, a week later, I was 85% sure I was going to run for public office. I don’t think the two were related.

April came with a confirmation for my future as a politician to myself and a few close friends. It also came with the creation of a women’s group in West St. Paul that was started to smash some patriarchy and change our city. (Spoiler alert: totally happened.) I met many people, nearly all incredibly amazing.

May and June were filled with becoming indoctrinated into the world of local politics. It came with screws in my tire, junk being thrown into my yard and other childish attempts at intimidation. Didn’t work. Didn’t go to the SHRM conference. Still regretting that one.

A trip to Des Moines to see Hamilton happened in July. Life changing. Not kidding. Not throwing away my shot. I wanna be in the room where it happens. Look around at how lucky we are to be alive right now. We’ll give the world to you and you’ll blow us all away. I’m willing to wait for it. Rise up! Maybe it was my sudden entrance into the political world or maybe it was the crappy head space I was in when it came to my job or maybe it was because Lin Manuel Miranda is nothing short of a damn genius.

My grandma also died at the end of July. We saw her the week before she passed because the doctor had given her two weeks to live. It was hard. Soul crushing. Heart breaking. She was and will always be one of the best people in the world.

August: my 5+ years career at the credit union ended. I won the primary election for my city council race. Found a new job. Took my kids to the Missouri State Fair.

September and October: started that new job. Campaigned my ass off. Organized two tire changing clinics in my city. My wife had surgery.

November: I won that damn election and it wasn’t even close. Not. Even. Close. Had a new job opportunity presented to me and I got excited about it. Truly excited. It was the first time in 2018 that something HR-related jacked me up. I accepted it the next day. I also became a rock star for five hot minutes.

Summer of ’69. I knew like 8 words outside of the chorus.

December: Went to Missouri to visit my grandpa because he was in bad shape. His heart’s broken. Started my new job. Went to Missouri again for Christmas. Grandpa’s doing better, but his heart’s still broken and he has his days.

And here we are. Less than a day before the new year. Plenty of things I didn’t do, won’t do, still want to do, and haven’t even thought about doing. We’ll get there.

Thanks, 2018. For completing our family. For confusing the crap out of me. For giving me hope and the ability to make change happen. For breaking my heart and crushing me. For opening doors and bringing people into my life. I ain’t mad at you, but I’m cool that you’re leaving.

2019: Bring it. Whatever it is. I’m ready.